RJ laser therapy devices LLLT cl. 3B and HILT cl. 4

LightStream stationary

LightStream Lasergerät Kl. 4

LightStream mobile

LightStream mobiler Therapielaser

Physiolaser olympic

Physiolaser Therapielaser


LaserPen punktuelle Lasertherapie

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RJ-LASER Germany - Laser therapy since 1982

RJ-LASER produces and markets innovative medical laser devices class 3B and class 4 for local laser therapy by means of point laser or LaserPen, laser shower, scanner and light guide (laser needle). So called softlaser/cold laser devices for low-level-laser-therapy (LLLT) and laser devices with high power, high-intensity-laser-therapy.

RJ laser devices are used by leading therapists worldwide and are characterised by a variety of therapeutic features and high efficiency for daily practise and research (conventional and complementary).

The special RJ therapy software and the consistent implementation of the latest technology offers high operational reliability and enables the realisation of compact, mobile devices combined with a wide range of functions and high frequency accuracy.

RJ laser devices have been developed in cooperation with experienced therapists and according to the current state of technical and medical laser research.

All RJ laser devices have a 2-year warranty and the right to return within 14 days. Take advantage of our financing, e.g. leasing at extremely favourable conditions or part payment.

RJ has satisfied customers all over the world and always has a competent medical product consultant near you.

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