5 reasons to choose RJ laser devices


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Quality Management for medical products

 ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012

Market leader

RJ laser devices put you at the forefront, giving you all the options. As a market leader, we offer the technology tomorrow already today.

Our therapy lasers are proven thousands of times and have been trusted by practitioners since 1982.

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Intelligent control

RJ laser devices stand out due to their many features, modern compact design and high level of efficiency. RJ laser therapy software and microprocessor control enables precise programming of all important functions, giving you the flexibility to apply the latest research results.

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Therapy laser cl. 3B / cl. IV

RJ medical laser devices for biostimulation and biomodulation, laser therapy for the widest range of applications, for points and large surfaces. You can buy RJ therapy lasers in the range of LLLT (cl. 3B) and HLLT (cl. IV).

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Laser RJ Laser TherapyMain features

Point/ small/ medium/ large area, universal therapy system, ear and body acupuncture, odontology (PDT), physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology, dermatology, veterinary medicine

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High-end compact laser, universal modular system, plug & play.

It offers special single and multi-cluster probes, LightNeedle fiber optic system; scanner and various diagnostic modules.

The worldwide leading laser system.


Laser class IV

Medium and large area, orthopedics, chiropractic, physiotherapy, neurology, dermatology, veterinary medicine for deepest penetration and shortest therapy time High-end modular class IV therapy laser, strong, easy to use, programmable, therapy programs, special interchangeable probe heads.
Point/small area, ear and body acupuncture, odontology, physiotherapy High-end pen laser device, fully programmable, 28 biofrequencies (RAC diagnosis).

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  • Probes for: Low Level Laser Therapy or Mid/High Level Laser Therapy?
  • Application: For small areas or large areas?
  • Indication: Mainly for acupuncture, mainly local therapy or both?
  • Diagnosis: With or without diagnostic module?
  • Features: Basic features or multi-functional?
  • Power: Low, middle or high, cl. 3B or cl. IV?
  • Size: Small and portable or larger size?
  • Budget: Low or average investment?

Implementation of the latest technology enabled the realization of compact, mobile devices with large range of functions as well as maximum power and frequency precision. Cutting edge laser therapy.

Depending on the model, the RJ laser devices are pre-programmed or free programmable - you can configure your individual therapy programs depending on pathology or may use our comprehensive therapy programs. An extensive frequency memory lets you apply the latest research to your course of laser therapy.

  • 1-99999 Hz (freely selectable)
  • Power up to 500 mW (LLLT), 15 W (HLLT), and 90W pulsed (MLLT)
  • Continuous beam
  • Universal frequency range
  • BAHR frequencies and Chakra frequencies acc. to BAHR
  • Meridian frequencies according to REININGER
  • REININGER system complete
  • Therapy programs
  • Individual protocols with over 110 available saving locations