The original LaserPen - powerful, compact and versatile

Laser acupuncture and ear acupuncture with resonance frequencies (auricular medicine), RAC

The original LaserPen is available in practice and expert version and offers what you want for your laser therapy and diagnosis. Primary field of application is concentrated point laser irradiation and laser therapy of small and medium sized areas.
The LaserPen is programmable and has a wide range of functions in a very small space. An expert laser for all levels of knowledge (ear / body acupuncture).

LaserPen laser therapy

The LaserPen has the frequencies according to NOGIER (A'-G'), Bahr (1-7), chakra frequencies/Bahr and meridian frequencies according to Reininger and is available as a cw laser with 70-500 mW (638 - 810 nm) or as a pulsed laser with up to 90 Watt/904 nm (200 nsec. superpulse). Special attachments are available for different applications and thus enable precise work.
The original LaserPen
Acupuncture and láser therapy with frecuencies, the original LaserPen, RAC
A success story for over 35 years
RJ-LASER was the first company worldwide to produce a battery-powered laser without mains connection for medical applications (power 5 mW then 30 mW and more). This laser was distributed by the company SEIRIN Germany and was named "LaserPen" (as registered trademark). The LaserPen was constantly developed and optimized and later also sold directly by RJ. Over the years, many thousands of LaserPens have been sold.

LaserPen Li4

Laser acupuncture with resonance frequencies, RAC, LaserPen Li4

Acupuncture with the LaserPen, direct and flexible

The LaserPen is ideal for RAC diagnosis, pulse-controlled acupuncture and classical acupuncture. It's as simple as this: with one finger all functions are selected and the frequencies scrolled through, the other hand feels the pulse.

Frequency zones (Nogier)

Frequency zones (Nogier), laser therapy, laser acupuncture

Pre-programmed resonance frequencies in the LaserPen Expert

Frequency information is transmitted via the proven bio-frequencies or resonance frequencies in addition to the laser photon energy:

7 Nogier frequencies (NOGIER)
7 Bahr frequencies (BAHR)
Chakra frequencies according to Bahr
Meridian frequencies according to REININGER
Anti-allergy, anti-tinnitus, viral/bacterial according to REININGER
Continuous beam and much more

Stimulation of Shu points

LaserPen_Laserpunktur_Blasenmeridian, Back SHu points

Using meridian frequencies to optimize acupuncture, laser acupuncture

The photo shows a stimulation of the bladder meridian (back-shu points, consent points). This can be done point by point with the LaserPen or as a "merdian massage" by stroking the meridian along its course.
Back-Shu points (points of agreement) are specific points located on the back of the body where the Qi of the Zang Fu organs flows.
Front Mu points are located on the chest and abdomen.

The points are named after the corresponding zang-fu organs.

LaserPen in the charger

LaserPen in the charger

What the LaserPen offers you

Various special attachments are available for precise laser irradiation (acupuncture, auriculomedicine, surface treatment).
The mobile laser therapy distinguishes the LaserPen. It is also the ideal laser outside the practice.
The LaserPen is supplied with integrated NiMH batteries and has an operating time of many hours, depending on the laser diode. The batteries can be charged directly in the charging station.
Different configurations, power up to 90 W (200 nsec.)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will be happy to advise you in order to find the right LaserPen for you.

LaserPen in the carry case

LaserPen in the carry case

Scope of delivery and model variations of the LaserPen

LaserPen Kl. 3B, charging station, power supply unit, 2 safety goggles, case, operating instructions, therapy manual, point applicator, laser warning signs.         Available configurations: 

50 mW/785 nm (Practice)   
70 mW/785 nm (Expert)   
200 mW/810 nm (Expert)
500 mW/810 nm (Expert)
500 mW/810 nm (M) continuous beam
90 W/904 nm (Expert) superpulsed
150 mW/638 nm (Expert)