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 ELA, European Laser Academy, Michael Weber

The European TCM Laser Academy aims to communicate the knowledge of the fascinating possibilities of laser acupuncture to all interested therapists in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Join the seminars and online lectures.

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Laser therapy in veterinary medicine, Dr. Uwe Petermann



CIAM, Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine

CIAM isCanadian Institute of Auricular Medicine passionate and committed to the continuing education and integration of auricular medicine across many areas of healthcare practice. Because reflex zones on the ear offer neurological insight into what ails the body, the ear is is the greatest tool every patient already brings you!


Medical practitioners are using the ear in healthcare settings around the world. Here are some ways you can use the ear in your practice:

  • Psychology: new/additional approaches for polyvagal regulation
  • Manual Therapy: priming the nervous system for tissue release
  • Acupuncture: pulse-guided techniques for added point finding precision
  • Natural Medicine: support for enhanced adrenal function
  • Nursing: improved efficiency in healthcare approaches


These are just a few examples of how Auricular Medicine is grounded in neurology to offer a window to the brain: patient assessment, prioritization of treatment options, and ultimate treatment (or support in treatment) of complex conditions.

It is to be understood that auricular treatment can be applied using a variety of clinical methods depending on your area of practice and licensure: using needles, manual ear stimulation, ear-press seeds, electrostimulation, and low level laser therapy.

Net of Knowledge (videos about laser therapy)

net of knowledge

AcuMed is a Chinese medicine clinic established by Dr. Gil Ton Ph.D, who is a Chinese Medicine physician, lecturer and researcher

Acupuncture Courses and online training


 AILT, Australian Institute of Laser Therapy

AILT laser therapy seminarsPost graduate training courses (online learning) and hands on workshops, utilize the most advanced photobiomodulating (PBM) laser equipment available today, which is clinically endorsed by the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy after successfully treating more than four (4) thousand patients for a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal and dermatological conditions, post- operative & wound healing, nerve & tissue trauma, neurodegenerative and pain relief.

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Academies for auricular medicine, acupuncture, laser resonance frequency, TCM

DAA e.V. (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur e.V.)

OGKA (Österreichische Gesellschaft für kontrollierte Akupunktur)

SACAM (Schweiz. Ärztegesellschaft für Akupunktur, TCM, Aurikulomedizin)

CIAM (Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine)

IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society)

Chi University (Veterinary)

Akupunktur und Laserkurse der DAA e.V., German language

 DAA e.V. auricular medicine, Ohrakupunktur



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