Physiolaser olympic - Laser therapy for every application

Laser therapy, LLLT and auricular medicine with resonance frequencies, RAC-diagnosis

The Physiolaser is a modular expert laser for photobiomodulation, LLLT. It has two outputs that can be used parallel, e.g. simultaneously local and reflective (micro- and macrosystem). This therapy method optimizes laser therapy in a targeted manner.
Various laser probes for point and area therapy can be connected, with power up to 500 mW or superpulse with 90 W single probe or 5x60W cluster probe. It is unsurpassed worldwide in its range of functions. It is easy to operate and universally applicable via the touch screen.

Physiolaser olympic, freely programmable for any application, easy probe exchange "plug and play", all proven resonance frequencies (see laser acupuncture). In addition to therapy with point and cluster probes, the Physiolaser also enables laser therapy and laser acupuncture via light guides with the LightNeedle (laser needle therapy). The Physiolaser is made for for orthopaedics, sports medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine.

Auricular medicine

Auriculotherapy, auricular medicine, ear acupuncture with laser, resonance frequencies, RAC diagnosis

The expert laser for auricular medicine

The Physiolaser is designed for RAC diagnosis, pulse-controlled laser acupuncture and classical acupuncture. As with the LaserPen, all functions are selected and frequencies scrolled through with one finger, the other hand feels the pulse.
As an expert laser, it has all the proven bio frequencies and can be expanded at any time via the SD card, you are always up-to-date! The laser for all knowledge levels of ear acupuncture (auricular medicine) and acupuncture.

Knee irradiation with the cluster probe

Laser therapy for knee irradiation, superpuls 90 W/904 nm, infrared laser

Laser therapy - 5x60W cluster probe, RJ therapy programs

The super-pulsed probes (cluster probe 5x60W/904 nm, pulse width 200 nsec., 90 W single-probe) find a wide range of applications, especially with the special therapy programs for physiotherapy, sports medicine, orthopaedics, veterinary medicine.

The RJ therapy programs consist of a precisely defined combination of biofrequencies and allow frequency application even without RAC knowledge.

Laser probes 5x60W

Laser probes 5x60W, laser therapy, laser acupuncture

The special laser probes for precise laser therapy

Various point and area probes are available for precise laser irradiation (acupuncture, auriculo medicine, area treatment, peripheral support, knee probe). Single probes (one-handed operation) with point attachment, for precise and point-exact irradiation, with convex lens primarily for irradiation of the musculature, enables intensive treatment with simultaneous massage effect, secondarily for treatment of acupuncture and trigger points.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will be happy to advise you in order to find the right laser probe for you.

LightNeedle, Laserneedle

Acupuncture, laser acupuncture with fiber optics, Laser needel, laser therapy

Laser needle therapy with fiber optics for gentle acupuncture and more

The LightNeedle (laser needle) is connected like a probe to one of the two outputs of the Physiolaser. All therapy functions are then directly available. You can use a laser probe (point/area) and the LightNeedle at the same time, e.g. to perform a simultaneous energy guidance over ear points (bipolar therapy) or to treat two patients at the same time.

Satellite - neck pain

Lasertherapie von großen Flächen, Laserscanner, Laserbehandlung, Rückenschmerzen

The scanner for contactless laser therapy, area therapy

The Satellite was especially designed for area therapy and is connected to the Physiolaser as an optional probe. The Satellite is also operated via the Physiolaser (touch screen) and via two adjustment knobs for the beam path on the Satellite.
The therapy is carried out without skin contact and the beam deflection is
via a special mirror system. The size of the treatment area depends on the body part, nerves or meridian course.

Physiolaser in the bag

Physiolaser in a carrying bag, mobile laser therapy

Scope of delivery and laser therapy probes of the Physiolaser

Physiolaser (final price depending on accessories, laser stylus, attachments), ever-ready case, power supply unit, keys, two pairs of protective goggles, laser warning signs, operating instructions, therapy manual.   Available probes:

Single probe 500 mW/810 nm                                  
Single probe 150 mW/638 nm                                  
Single probe 90 W/904 nm                         
Cluster probe Superpulse (movable) 5 x 60 W/904 nm                        
Cluster probe Superpulse (focussed) 5 x 30 W/904 nm                 
Cluster probe cw 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nm (600 mW)
Cluster probe derma 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nm                               
LightNeedle 12x50 mW/670 nm
Satellite Scanner 500 mW/810 nm + 150 mW/670 nm