LightNeedle laser therapy is simply better and painless

LightNeedle - Gentle and painless therapy with laser needle energy and biofrequencies

Physical therapy, LLLT, is easy with the LigthNeedle, laser cl. 3B. The LightNeedle is connected like a probe to one of the two outputs of the Physiolaser. All therapy functions are then directly available. The LightNeedle laser (RJ laser needle) is an excellent stimulation method for points, trigger points, joints/tendons, muscles. You can also use a laser probe (point/area) and the LightNeedle at the same time, e.g. to supply laser energy simultaneous or to treat two patients at the same time.
The operation was oriented and optimized to the requirements of daily practice, with e.g. fast direct dialing in groups and modular design. This results in an economical application with the lowest costs for the user.

LigthNeedle laser therapy

Laser acupuncture laser therapy

LightNeedle laser therapy - widest range of LLLT applications

The LightNeedle laser needle therapy can be used for many medical laser applications except on open wounds (laser shower or Satellite is required). The tip can be positioned perfectly and allows that the beam easily penetrates deeply into the body.

In case of e.g. lumbal pain place the fiber tips at and around the nerve outlet. In many cases it is recommended to place several tips along the nerve. Treatment duration 10-20 minutes.
The special applicator for laser acupuncture, LightNeedle, Laserneedle

The special applicator

Laserneedle, LightNeedle applicator, laser therapy, Resonanzfrequenzen,

Laser needle therapy at lowest consumption costs with patented light guides

Discover the advantages of the therapeutic laser therapy via fiber optics: The patented applicator of the RJ-LightNeedle deflects the laser beam so that it always falls perpendicularly on the treatment point. The applicator is inexpensively fixed in any position on the skin with a normal plaster. The patented RJ-LightNeedle offers many advantages, because it

1. simply be stuck on with standard plasters and thus have excellent contact.

2. cannot bend and can also be used under a blanket or clothing.

3. can be positioned exactly even on small surfaces and extreme curves. The patient can be treated in any body position, front and back simultaneously.

4. cause hardly any consumption costs. You save a lot of hundred Euros/year.

5. has low acquisition costs for owners of the Physiolaser.

Metal needle versus laser needle

Laserneedle, LightNeedle stimulation versus metal needle, laser therapy

LightNeedle - The optimal laser needle stimulation

Schematic diagram metal needle versus "laser needle" shows the advantage of the laser: The stimulus of the needle starts high at the beginning and then drops constantly, so that the needle should be turned, moved from time to time. Instead, the stimulation via the laser remains at a high level, gentle and continuous stimulation of the acupuncture point.

Results: The metal needle technique was often known to patients compared to the laser needle method (p<0.0001***). Laserneedle acupuncture is a painless method (p<0.0001***), induces energy and relaxation (p=0.0257*), which creates a feeling of warmth (p=0.0009***) during the treatment.

Near-infrared spectroscopy for objectifying cerebral effects of needle and laser needle acupuncture   

Referencia: Spectroscopy 16 (2002) 335-342, page 6
Gerhard Litscher, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Research in Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Graz, Austria
Detlef Schikora, Department of Physics and Optoelectronics, University of Paderborn, Germany

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been successfully used in this study to objectify cerebral alterations in oxyhemoglobin and desoxyhemoglobin, due to manual needle acupuncture and laserneedle acupuncture, in 88 healthy volunteers mean age 25.7 + 4.0 ( x + SD) years (19 - 38 years). Results from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Korean and Chinese hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture, combinations of the different acupuncture methods and placebo needling are presented. NIRS seems to be able to shed some light upon the functioning of the different acupuncture methods.


Lasertherapie lightneedle_laserneedle, laser acupuncture

The Physiolaser (drive unit) - Lightneedle laser system ("probe")

The LightNeedle laser is available in two versions, as the LightNeedle 300 with 6 channels, monofibre light guides and a tendon applicator. 

The LightNeedle 600 has 12 outputs that are equipped with monofibre light guides (each laser diode has 50mW/655 nm).

The LightNeedle is controlled by the Physiolaser and allows the transmission of all bio-frequencies and RJ-LASER therapy programs.

The RJ equipment cart
The complete system is ideal for use in practice with the equipment trolley, as it can be used anywhere in the treatment rooms. The equipment cart also has shelves for the laser probes.

LightNeedle 600

LightNeedle-300_laser_acupuncture, laser therapy, Lasertherapie

Scope of delivery and models of the LightNeedle

LightNeedle 600 (12x655nm/50 mW), scope of delivery: main unit, 12 light guides, 1 roll of transparent plaster, interface cable, holding arm, table clamp, operating instructions.


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