RJ laser therapy devices LLLT cl. 3B and HILT cl. 4

LightStream stationary

LightStream high power cl. 4 laser therapy device

LightStream mobile

LightStream mobile, laser therapy device cl. 3B and cl. 4

RJ laser therapy devices Kl. 3B and Kl. 4 for photobiomodulation, biostimulation

RJ-LASER GmbH produces and markets innovative medical laser devices of the internationally defined safety classes 3B and 4, which are used in low-level-laser- therapy and high-intesity-laser-therapy either by point laser probe or by LaserPen, laser shower/cluster probe as well as scanner and LightNeedle (laser needle). Click on the various illustrations and links on the following pages to learn more details about the different types of applications and fields of application.

RJ laser devices are used by leading therapists worldwide and are characterized by their high efficiency and a variety of therapeutic performance features. The main purpose of laser therapy is always to utilize the positive effects of the heat it generates in various ways. Among others, the following improvements can occur:

Physiolaser olympic

Physiolaser olympic cl. 3B laser therapy device


LaserPen lasertherapy device cl. 3B

In exchange with research and practice we develop our laser devices

The special RJ therapy software and the consistent implementation of the latest technology ensure high operational reliability for all RJ laser devices - from the LaserPen to the HighPower Laser. The close and continuous exchange with our own and external research enabled us to realize compact and mobile devices, which are characterized by a wide range of functions and high frequency accuracy. In addition, all RJ laser devices were and are developed in cooperation with experienced therapists and scientists to ensure practical relevance and optimal usage possibilities at all times.

Worldwide expertise in laser devices - and always close to you
RJ now has satisfied customers all over the world - partly because we can always provide you with a competent medical product consultant near you. Other points that demonstrate our customer-friendliness and service strength are a two-year warranty and a 14-day return policy for all RJ laser devices. You can also benefit from favorable financing options, whether through leasing or extremely moderate partial payments. Just talk to us about it!


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