Satellite - The mobile scanner for contactless laser therapy

Large-area laser therapy with clockwise spin modulation

The Satellite was specially designed for area therapy and is simply connected to the Physiolaser as an optional probe. It is operated via the Physiolaser (touch screen) and via two control knobs for the beam path on the Satellite. It can thus also be controlled with all proven resonance frequencies for laser therapy (photobiomodulation, LLLT). 

Lasertherapie mit edem Satellite Laserscanner

Laser therapy with the Satellite Scanner - it's that easy!

The Satellite is portable, but for laser therapy it is ideally operated with a stand/universal arm. Laser therapy with the Satellite can therefore be delegated excellently.

The size of the body area to be irradiated is determined by the therapist and adjusted via a special mirror system, depending on the body part, nerves or meridian course. From the required laser energy (e.g. 4 joules/cm2) and the size of the area (e.g. 20 cm2 and thus a total of 80/joule), the Physiolaser automatically determines the required therapy duration. The circle function also has a stimulating clockwise spin.

Irradiation of the cheek

Laser therapy Irradiation of the cheek

Laser therapy with the Satellite, round and oval surfaces

With the help of the universal arm, the Satellite can be optimally fixed in any position. It can be rotated and positioned individually at different angles.

Irradiation of the spine

Laser therapy irradiation of the spine

Laser therapy of the spine, lines, rectangular areas

The course of the spine can be precisely determined via the beam setting and e.g. pain therapy can be carried out. The Back-Shu points are additionally stimulated.

Irradiation shoulder/neck

Laser therapy Irradiation shoulder/neck

Laser therapy circle

Irradiation for back tension, hard tension. The size of the circle or treatment area depends on the body part, nerves, injuries or meridian course etc..

Satellite on the trolley

Physiolaser in the soft bag

Scope of delivery of the Satellite laser scanner

Satellite, universal arm/stand, interface cable, power supply, operating instructions.

Power 500 mW/810 nm + 150 mW/638 nm

The picture on the left shows the Satellite mounted on the optional RJ trolley, connected to the Physiolaser with cw cluster probe. 


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