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LightStream | Class IV High Powered Laser

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LightStream | wave

The LightStream | Class IV High Powered Laser is an innovative therapy laser and offers up to 15 W laser power, so-called HLLT (High Level Laser Therapy). The therapy with the LightStream works tremendously fast and the laser light penetrates deeply.

It is available in three versions:

LightStream | ortho

LightStream | wave

LightStream | vet

It can be used for any indication in the field of biomodulation. The therapy with the LightStream is non-invasive, gentle, relaxing and refreshing. During the treatment the patient feels an intensive deep warming sensation, a biological "flooding of light" which will lead to increased cell metabolism and improved blood circulation.

The LightStream is outstanding, combining therapeutic qualities and cost effectiveness. The modular design and therapeutic functions offer a complete clinical concept (fiberoptic, hand-held, scanning).


The wavelengths of the LightStream make use of the "optical window" with minimal absorption by water, hemoglobin, melanin, for optimal deep tissue penetration and best stimulation of cellular energy (increase of ATP production).

Wave length: 530 nm/670 nm/808 nm/915 nm
Power: 15 Watt cw


optical window



  • Orthopedics/Chiropractic
  • Sports medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain management

The LightStream consists of a control unit (touch screen) + a laser device with four wavelengths transmitted via fiber optics or scanner.

The LightStream is fully programmable, has optimized application programs and a complete range of proven bio-frequencies (NOGIER / BAHR / REININGER etc.), individual protocols.


Tried and testes special pulse shapes and bio-frequencies support the individual therapy.

laser pulse forms