Acupuncture - gentle laser acupuncture, auricular medicine

Laser acupuncture - laser therapy with resonance frequencies, RAC

Local laser therapy began about 50 years ago with the research of Prof. Endre Mester (wound healing with HeNe-Laser, 632,5 nm). It was not long before laser devices were used to stimulate trigger points, acupuncture points and ear acupuncture (auriculomedicine). Within the scope of extensive frequency research, special applications for controlled acupuncture followed (RAC palpation according to NOGIER, BAHR, REININGER, PETERMANN, SCHOLTES).
TCM, acupuncture (needle acupuncture) belongs to the complementary procedures in many countries and is only partially recognized by orthodox medicine.
Laser energy seems to be more suitable for the meridian system, which is an "oscillating energy field", than the needle. Using the RJ laser devices a natural holistic therapy will be performed, transferring modulated energy to the meridian system. The purpose of acupuncture is to prevent and treat disease, and to optimize health and well-being through balancing the body's energies.

Where can I learn acupuncture, laser acupuncture, auricular medicine?
CIAM, Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine 
IVAS, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society 
DAA e.V., Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur e.V. 
OGKA, Österreichische Gesellschaft für kontrollierte Akupunktur 
SACAM, Schweiz. Ärztege. für Akupunktur, TCM, Aurikulomedizin 

The correct probe, LaserPen

LaserPen, acupuncture with resonance frequencies, RAC, laser therapy

What is the technical requirement for the RAC?

To perform the RAC, the correct probe and of course the pre-programmed frequencies are required.
The LaserPen and the Physiolaser probes are the basis of the RAC, the pulse-controlled acupuncture.

Important: The RJ lasers are designed to be operated with one hand (all functions with one finger movement). The other hand feels the pulse.

Frequency zones (Nogier)

Nogier zones, acupuncture with Nogier frequencies, RAC, laser therapy

Laser acupuncture with bio-frecuencies

For pulse controlled  acupuncture and ear acupuncture the use of e.g. the meridian frequencies (Reininger) and the Nogier/Bahr frequencies are recommended.
All RJ laser devices offer meridian and organ frequencies according to NOGIER/BAHR (bio-frequencies).

Pulse controlled acupuncture

Pulse controlled acupuncture, acupuncture with resonance frequencies, RAC, laser therapy

That´s how it works

One hand feels the pulse and the other hand selects the frequencies of the laser probe. As soon as the pulse increase in volume, the correct frequency is found. This frequency is used directly for the therapy and shortens the therapy time considerably. The resonance will equalize the energy system of the body.
Microsystems and the reflex arc ear/brain/organ system/body part
There are various microsystems on the body (including body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, skull acupuncture, hand acupuncture, tongue acupuncture, head's zones, NPSO zones, foot reflex zones, trigger points). The ear seems to be the ideal microsystem because it is clearly arranged, offers a lot of information and the correct stimulus is very effective and targeted.
From the simple ear acupuncture with needles a highly complex diagnosis and therapy system has developed today, especially in the German-speaking countries (see Bahr, Reininger etc.), the so-called "auricular medicine".

The LightNeedle (laser needle) - For gentle laser acupuncture and more

There are other possibilities of painless acupuncture, namely the LightNeedle (laser needle). Fibers are connected to the acupuncture points and the patient receives a strong and gentle acupuncture.
Acupuncture with the LightNeedle is relaxing and painless, provides a lasting stimulus and is quickly accepted by patients*.
Acupuncture with the LightNeedle seems to be even more effective than conventional acupuncture because it is long lasting and once the fibre is placed, no additional manipulation is required.


Metal needle versus laser needle

Laserneedle, LightNeedle stimulation versus metal needle, laser therapy

LightNeedle - The optimal stimulation for acupuncture points

Schematic diagram metal needle versus laser needle shows the advantage of the laser: The stimulus of the needle starts high at the beginning and then drops constantly, so that the needle should be turned, moved from time to time. Instead, the stimulation via the laser remains at a high level, gentle and continuous stimulation of the acupuncture point.

Results: The metal needle technique was often known to patients compared to the laser needle method (p<0.0001***). Laserneedle acupuncture is a painless method (p<0.0001***), induces energy and relaxation (p=0.0257*), which creates a feeling of warmth (p=0.0009***) during the treatment.

Near-infrared spectroscopy for objectifying cerebral effects of needle and laser needle acupuncture 

Referencia: Spectroscopy 16 (2002) 335-342, page 6,
Gerhard Litscher, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Research in Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Graz, Austria / Detlef Schikora, Department of Physics, University of Paderborn, Germany

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been successfully used in this study to objectify cerebral alterations in oxyhemoglobin and desoxyhemoglobin, due to manual needle acupuncture and laserneedle acupuncture, in 88 healthy volunteers mean age 25.7 + 4.0 ( x + SD) years (19 - 38 years). Results from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Korean and Chinese hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture, combinations of the different acupuncture methods and placebo needling are presented. NIRS seems to be able to shed some light upon the functioning of the different acupuncture methods.

The leading physicians in frequency research

For modern acupuncture, laser resonance therapy and energy therapy, special "bio frequencies" according to NOGIER, BAHR, REININGER and SCHOLTES are integrated into the RJ laser devices.
Ideally, the frequencies are applied with RAC and are in resonance with ear and body points, tissue layers, interference sources, organs, diseases and much more.

Dr. Paul Nogier, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo therapy, laser therapy

Dr. Paul Nogier

The French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, born in Lyon in 1908 and who died on May 15, 1996, can be considered "the father of modern ear acupuncture". He discovered the seven major frequencies (A-G) and introduced them for the first time into medicine for diagnosis (ACR) and therapy.

The NOGIER frequencies are programmed into the RJ laser units:

A´292, B´484, C´1168, D´2336, E´4672, F´9344, G´18688 Hz
Dr. Frank Bahr, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Prof. Dr. Frank Bahr

Dr. Frank Bahr, was a student of NOGIER and has discovered many important bio-frequencies as well as the frequencies of the energy centers (see below). Dr. Bahr is founder and honorary president of the German Academy of Acupuncture (DAA e.V.).
Dr. Bahr works with the LightStream and Physiolaser. The BAHR frequencies are programmed into the RJ laser units e.g. B1-B7:

B1/599, B2/1199, B3/2398, B4/4796, B5/9592, B6/19184, B7/38368 Hz
Dr. Manfred Reininger, RAC diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Manfred Reininger

Dr. Manfred Reininger, is the Vice President of the largest Austrian Acupuncture Society (OGKA) and was the first to discover and apply the meridian frequencies. In the following years he presented a complete system of frequencies, with reference to diseases, organs, environment and much more.

Dr. Reininger works with the Physiolaser and the LightStream. The REININGER frequency system is programmed into the RJ laser units.

Dr. Christoph Scholtes, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Christoph Scholtes

Dr. Christoph Scholtes is the director of training at SACAM. With around 500 members, the SACAM is the largest and most important medical acupuncture society in Switzerland. Dr. Christoph Scholtes works with the Physiolaser and LightNeedle.
The frequencies of parasites, viruses and bacteria discovered by Dr. Scholtes are integrated in the RJ laser devices.
Dr. med. vet.Uwe Petermann Lasertherapie, RAC diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Uwe Petermann

Dr. Uwe Petermann, has been a speaker at the DAA and international organisations IVAS for many years. He is the leading practitioner/teacher of controlled acupuncture and has published several books on laser therapy in veterinary medicine and also organizes his own professional training courses.
Dr. Uwe Petermann conducted pioneering research on modern acupuncture in veterinary medicine (PCLAC) and developed highly effective energy treatment methods and frequency combinations (e.g. focal bursts).
Dr. Uwe Petermann works with the Physiolaser 90 W/904 nm, LaserPen 90 W/904 nm, multi-cluster probe (5x60W/904 nm) and the LightStream.

More information:
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Bio-frequencies and therapy programs included in RJ lasers
Dr. Paul Nogier
A-G (all potencies)

Dr. Frank Bahr
Bahr vessels
Musculoskeletal, Spinal column 1-3
Special (frequency group 1, 2, 3) Eyes
Teeth, Quadrants, Jaw joint
Energy meridian, OM

Dr. Manfred Reininger
RI, RIII, RIII,  Meridians, Antique Masterpoint
Levels, Various, Stagnation, Transformation
Genetic burdon, Life frequencies, Frequencies of completition
Frequential guide line
Deep pathologic Point, Basis/Lifelinie, Stagnation,
Yin-Rhythm, Yang-Rhythm, Earth sounds
Conflict  level vital-/emotional-/mental-/causal          
Regeneration, Energy frequencies
Sound frequencies, Schumann-Reininger

Dr. Christioph Scholtes
Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Various

RJ Therapy programs (combination of bio-frequencies)