RJ Recommendations for Health - Supporting Measures

Laser therapy? Yes of course, but the patient can and must also become active!

Properly performed laser therapy is an excellent method of stimulating and directing body processes, to stimulate tissues and cells. Nevertheless, this is only temporary measure to virtually reset the patient. In the medium term, basic rules should be observed and disease-related causal relationships should be uncovered. The best therapeutic results are only achieved if the patient eliminates or reduces harmful and disharmonious influences. This means, for example, that food and lifestyle should support and promote health.    


Choose natural food, avoid industrially processed food

Prefer vegetable, basic food from organic cultivation

Reduced food intake (the stomach should "growl" from time to time), hypocaloric, breaks between large meals (fasting, interval fasting) Sufficient vegetables and fruits (organic farming, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, chlorophyll), low fat content (use olive oil, avoid trans fats, hardened fats).

Sufficient fresh water, diluted juices

Green tea (e.g. Sencha, Matcha etc.)

No or little meat (only as "spice", energetic balance in the sense of TCM)

No milk (only for infants), few milk products, unless acidified to improve the intestinal flora (yoghurt)

No or little sugar, no artificial flavours / colourings etc.

No preservatives in food and cosmetics



No cigarettes, tobaco

No or little alcoholic drinks (some red wine / sparkling wine)

No soft drinks with sugar (e.g. Coca Cola)

If drugs, then only temporarily consciousness-expanding ones (e.g. Ayahuasca)


Life stile

Sufficient sleep (min. 6-7 hours)

Sports, Yoga (e.g. Ashtanga), climbing stairs instead of lift/escalator

Sufficient relaxation and meditation, reduce mental attachment, set clear goals

Avoiding quarrels and stress (family situation, checking the workplace)

No or little television entertainment, avoid small talk

Avoidance of plastics (clothing, packaging)


Additional therapeutic measures

Support excretion (intestine, kidneys, skin)

Remove interference fields and blockages (teeth, scars, psyche)

Natural healing methods, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, breathing therapy


Everything is interconnected and dignified

Lasting individual health can only be achieved if the planet is healthy and all living beings are respected and respected in their very own way of life. RJ is therefore a supporting member of Animal Rights Watch.

Animal Rights Watch



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