RJ-LASER - Market leader in non-invasive laser therapy

The RJ laser therapy system is based on more than 30 years of experience in development and production of medical laser devices (LLLT, low level laser or cold laser). RJ laser devices are made for conventional and complementary, holistic treatment (modern ear acupuncture/auricular medicine and body acupuncture). RJ offers medical laser for your diagnosis and biostimulation and biomodulation, for the widest range of applications, for points (with single probe or laser needle, LightNeedle ) and for large surfaces (multi-cluster probe, scanner).

Energy of class 4 but still class 3B: Take advantage of the RJ-LASER technology. Because of the special design of the multi-cluster probes we offer high energy supply with up to  pulsed 90 W or 300 W total. The Mid Level Laser Therapy (MLLT) is non-invasive and gentle cell stimulation for best ATP support.