Polylaser trion the compact "laser shower"

Laser therapy for larger areas with the combination of red and infrared laser irradiation

The Polylaser trion family is a compact “laser shower“ for laser therapy of larger body parts. You’ll be surprised how simple they are to use, the easy setting, ergonomic design and light weight enable you to work effortlessly.

12 laser diodes quickly irradiate an area of about 20 cm2. Two different wavelengths (red and infrared) are built in to optimize the therapy for deep and superfical stimualtion: 8 x 50 mW/785 nm+ 4 x 50 mW/655 nm (total 600 mW).
Various programs and individual settings are available.

Polylaser the laser shower, cluster probe

The radiation surface is covered with an innovative  Photon-Reflection Foil to minimize the loss of photon energy and enhance the laser´s effect.  The photons are reflected and multiplied so that more photons will penetrate into the skin.

Polylaser the laser shower, cluster probe

Frequency zones (Nogier)

Acupuntura láser con frecuencias de resonancia, RAC

Various frequency programs are pre-programmed in the Polylaser trion

To improve healing energy frequency information is transmitted via the proven bio-frequencies / resonance frequencies in addition to the laser photon energy:

7 Nogier frequencies 
7 Bahr frequencies
Continuous beam and more

Polylaser therapy

Laser therapy with the Polylaser, photobiomodulation

Laser therapy of large areas

Laser therapy with the Polylaser is easy to perform. Select the therapy duration and biofrequency and press START, that's all. For longer therapy duration a tripod is recommended, which can be delivered via RJ.

Polylaser in the carry case

Polylaser in the carry case for mobile laser therapy

Scope of delivery and model variations of the Polylaser

Polylaser trion, 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nmm
Scope of delivery: Main unit incl. power supply, 2 safety goggles, warning sign, instruction manual, therapy manual, casing.

Polylaser derma, 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nm
Additional 1x eye cups, derma spatula


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