Scar treatment post surgery

Successful therapy with RJ-LASER devices

Male elephant. age 5 years

The treatment of an elephant is not the "daily bread" of the average veterinarian. Our customer, Dr. Hollenbach, was prepared for this challenge and he performed the laser therapy (LLLT) probably for the first time on an elephant. The therapy was required because of obstruction of the urethral system caused by scars and infection after surgery. The therapy was successful and led relieve and to complete healing.

Time/Joule 20 minutes daily for the first week/150 Joule
Frequency B, C
Power 90 W/904 nm
Device Physiolaser olympic
Clinic Hans Hollenbach, Troica Equesterian Centre
2137 Shantz Station Road, Breslau, ON NOB 2M0, Canada
June 2005